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The SL-PLUS provides unsurpassed primary stability, along with a tailor made surface, to support long-term survivorship.

Initial stability is critical for a cementless prosthesis.

Once initial stability has been achieved, the materials used and the surface architecture promotes secondary stability.

The SL-PLUS is forged from highly biocompatible titanium alloy.

Zweymüller, who has decades of experience with cementless hip prostheses, has produced the square, dual taper SL-PLUS® stem.

Together with the intuitive instrumentation, the SL-PLUS represents a system that is accommodating and forgiving.

We may not all have the resources to invest in a state-of-the-art plant such as what is here at J Wray & Nephew, but we all must have the commitment, and that is what counts," he continued.

The dual taper locks into a secure axial position, while the rectangular form anchors the stem rotationally.

The US-million eco-strategy features a solid waste recycling zone, a wastewater treatment plant, and a photovoltaic system.

The recycling zone, which the company says repurposes more than 700 tonnes of waste per year, crushes flint, amber and green glass bottles, bales cardboard and plastic wrapping, and sends them to recycling companies here and abroad.

The wastewater treatment facility, which has a capacity of 500 cubic metres per day, treats both sewage and trade effluent from the company’s three facilities on Spanish Town Road and expels clear water into a storm drain adjoining the property.

The photovoltaic system, meanwhile, generates more than 50,000 k Wh per month, enough to power some 200 homes for a month, according to company executives.

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