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They also revealed that their show would be similar to their Caravan of Courage series."A studio is too expensive and way too glossy for us," Lee said.On Hamish and Andy’s radio show last Friday, Andy Lee confirmed his split from graduate and model Rebecca Harding.Our hearts broke a little, but then there’s this part of us deep down cheering that there’s the slimmest of slim chances we might be able to steal his heart.We were all a little suspicious when the last time they were seen together on social media was in May.They gave us some serious #couplegoals vibes so it’s sad that it’s come to an end.Unlucky-in-love radio star Andy Lee has revealed he is back on the singles market after splitting from his girlfriend Rebecca Harding.

The Aussie comedy duo, who announced earlier this year that they would be relocating to New York for a "gap year" to film a ten-part series, urged their fans to have "last drinks" with them online.

'I was by myself having breakfast by myself and Bec was the waitress,' recalls Andy of the moment sparks first flew. Just the way she was treating other people, she had a lovely demeanour.

I was trying to chat to her, so I was ordering a lot.’ Despite the 10-year age gap between the two, they quickly moved in together, with Bec describing their relationship as ‘playful’.

He attended Camberwell Grammar School from grades 8 to 12, where he participated in activities such as cadets, hockey, and music.

He then went on to study Commerce at the University of Melbourne, where he met comedic partner Hamish Blake in 2001. for RMIT University's student television company RMITV, on community-access television station Channel 31.

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