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superhero pic: "I’ve decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who re...Hier findest Du alle Kinostarts 2015 chronologisch geordnet in einer Liste.Love how the article perpetuates the delusion that he's doing it to make his gf of a bizillion years "jealous." Yeah, uh huh, 'cause that's what a young, rich, famous hunk who has women throwing pussy at him 24/7 would need to do--MAKE his fugly gf jealous by holding hands with a guy. After the pop sensation chopped off some of his famous locks, he brought the clippings to the "Ellen" show. When the bidding ended, the clippings went for ,668. [quote]It does seem odd that no pictures have surfaced. You can date women and still hold hands with a guy and not be gay. Straight men most certainly do not hold hands with their friends.[quote] Younger people today don't go by labels of "gay" or "straight." Labeling people is only done by older gays.Isn't there a blind item on Zac and his former roommates? while he helps them out by offering them small roles in his movies? Here they are sitting togetherscroll down Sorry I don't mean to divert the subject but after observing the link that R10 put up, I can't get over how sloppy the guys are in the Hollywood crowd. You can date women and still hold hands with a guy and not be gay. I don't believe Bieber or Pattinson are straight either, so it will be interesting what happens to those two in a few years. Not exactly the look of a couple who have been together for years. These people are not good enough actors to fake intimacy apparently.

Since all the fangurls that used to swoon for Zac (and buy every article written about him) have moved on to Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson, the press no longer feels the need to protect Zac's image. In his earlier interviews he likes to say "fierce" and "AHHHmazing"r18 to totally correct. The point of the story isn't really about Zac holding hands with a guy it's about the fact that mainstream gossip organizations(if you can call a gossip organization mainstream) are starting to openly speculate about the sexuality of stars like Zac Efron and Taylor Launter.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tyler Posey “There’s always going to be stuff where you’re going to be left hanging on — just some minor things — because the way I want .“I, in my heart, would love that to happen, so I kind of want to leave some small things open, but we do get a really nice wrap up of everybody and everything, and all the really die-hard fans are going to love it.Spread the love, be a good person, they support you, be nice.” Unfortunately, the two Disney stars split in 2010., Vanessa admitted that kissing him was pretty fun in saying, “It was fascinating, honestly. It was really, really interesting.” But, aside from the film’s promotion in 2011, it seems as if anything that could have existed was definitely short-lived. together back in 2011 — and heading to a few red carpets together — these two were linked as being a couple.

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He neither confirms nor denys when Rolling Stone questions him about his sexuality.3. Bryan Singer's confirmed that Taylor is one of his friends and they talk everyday.5.

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