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Now he’s living with Adalind (Claire Coffee) and their baby son, Kelly. Some fans are not convinced that Tulloch would not be coming back to “Grimm.” But show bosses David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf have not offered anything to hold on to. Still, Tulloch was with the cast and crew when they celebrated the filming of the show’s 100th episode a couple of weeks ago.UPDATED: ‘Grimm’ Season 5, Episode 21 Spoilers: Eve avoids Juliette, Hank dies in fan speculations How do Giuntoli and Tulloch keep the romance alive now that they are seeing less of each other?“Everybody just really likes to get together,” she says. Friday night we were at Silas’, Saturday night David and I went out on the town, last night David and I went to this Iron & Wine concert; we’re always out taking advantage of how awesome this town is.”Because some members of the cast have settled in Portland, they have tried to figure out if there is a way to keep living in Oregon after “Grimm” inevitably wraps.Not only do they like getting together, but they like hitting the town. Fortunately there is enough material to keep the NBC Friday-night staple going for years.“There’s something like 511 Grimm legends and 212 fairy tales.Bitsie Tulloch may have left “Grimm” but she is staying in-love with the NBC show’s lead actor David Giuntoli, who plays Nick Burkhardt.Tulloch’s Twitter followers (nearly 80,000 as of this writing) get a regular dose of sweetness and romance from the couple."#Grimm #Grimm Retreat2016." Congratulations to the happy couple on their big news. Anyone who follows the cast of “Grimm” on social media knows that they love each other, but leads David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch revealed recently on Twitter that they are now more than just friends.

Tulloch graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a double major in English and American Literature and Visual and Environmental Studies.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) "We've just been quietly enjoying it," David tells the site, even revealing the work he put in to choosing the perfect ring for Bitsie.

"It's over a hundred years old," the bride-to-be shared.

We could conceivably be doing this until we’re all in wheelchairs and using canes and hobbling around,” Tulloch says.

Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli joined their co-stars at Comic-Con for a Facebook Live chat with ET's Leanne Aguilera, who at the end of the discussion noticed Tulloch wearing a gorgeous rock on THAT finger.

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costars Bitsie Tulloch and David Giuntoli, who have been secretly dating, just revealed at Comic-Con that they have also been engaged since April. I was going to wear the ring out in public for the first time so," Bitsie revealed to , and proudly flaunted the sparkler at the event.

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