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Doctors marry doctors, lawyers marry lawyers, and economists marry economists, probably not because they actually prefer to do so, but because those are the people they meet in daily life.The same may be true of the tendency to marry someone of one's own race or religion.I look to also call out the hypocrisy of one-sided debates.The controversy of this week regards the “thing for Asian chicks.” Is it racism for one’s sexual preferences to be racial?One social science finding which I’ve wondered about over the past few years is the result that women care much more about the race of a potential mate than men do.The fact that individuals tend to want to mate assortatively with those who share their characteristics is no surprise.We employ a Speed Dating experiment that allows us to directly observe individual decisions and thus infer whose preferences lead to racial segregation in romantic relationships.

Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker laid the foundations back in 1973 with his two-part article "A Theory of Marriage." Becker imagined society as an immense cocktail party with rational-minded daters searching for the most desirable partner who would have them.

This is the inspiration for my new column, Outcry on Overheard.

In this column, I look to express opinions less heard on campus and bring real debates (not just artificial ones where you are entirely wrong if you do not 100 percent agree with another person’s viewpoints).

Initially, I oversimplified my stance to a clear “no”.

However, after extensive research on the matter and discovering an endless sea of contradictory studies, my conclusion is this: it depends.

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  1. Previous surveys indicate that the happiest couples have sex about two to three times a week. Whereas in the United States, we often give our late dates the benefit of the doubt (the subway sucked! "People are also expected to show up on time for social outings, whether it's dinner at someone's house, drinks at a bar, or a party," Switzerland-based writer Catherine Mc Lean wrote in the Local.