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Some of the most important and revealing information about paintings is not visible from the front.

Of course, the composition of the painting, artist’s signature, and brushwork style are only part of the story of assessing value of a work of art.

Much of the most important information about a painting is hiding in the back of the painting.

That’s right, not all of the answers about a painting are on the front.

Many of the pictures now at Knole were collected by Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex, Lord Treasurer to James I and owner of Copt Hall in Essex from about 1623.

Many painters and photographers who work with canvas "gallery-wrap" their artwork, a practice wherein the image extends around the edges of the stretched canvas and therefore precludes use of a traditional picture frame, although a floater frame may be used.

Now, elaborately carved or molded frames that were banished as too decorative in the 1950's by modernist architects and Abstract-Expressionists are making a comeback. Reymert founded the gallery in 1966, they have used antique frames in exhibiting English and Continental paintings and drawings, dating from 1780 to 1920.

The new popularity of period frames is rooted in the larger interest in 19th- and early 20th-century figurative art, and has been spurred by the efforts of Shepherd Gallery, 21 East 84th Street. Throughout the late 1960's and 70's while many collectors and dealers were stripping ornamental period frames from their art acquisitions, Mr.

The frame along with its mounts protects and often makes the art look better.

Art work framed well will stay in real good condition for a super long period of time.

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Over the next few years major work will take place at Knole meaning that not all the pictures will necessarily be accessible as described in this guide.

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