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Under profiles, for instance, he presents an array of profiles, such as the following "Arrogant Profile": "You'll love me, I'm smart, good looking, wealthy, successful, well educated, only drink the finest champagne, dine at the finest restaurants, love driving my Porsche, and going to the most exclusive parties in town.

Only reply if you are gorgeous, successful, wear the finest clothes and live in any of the following classy areas.

people know that a profile is written for everyone to see.

When you send an email, the perception is that it should be personal, because emails typically are personal in nature.

He describes different types of people you will encounter and offers a few rules to follow.

But above all, the author says, it is a numbers game, and if you know what you want and are persistent you will succeed. But the heart of the ebook is a description of the major steps to follow, which include: Choosing a Site Writing Your Profile Submitting Photos Searching Profiles Interpreting Profiles Communicating with Potential Mates Dating In each case, Jones demonstrates several approaches, defines pros and cons, and offers a good example to follow.

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You and I’d be sitting here for hours talking about all the women I’ve met who didn’t quite look like their photos…

No other losers need apply." After offering pros and cons and considering other types of profiles, the author offers an example of what he considers to be a good profile. A source of annoyance is that you need to enter a code every time you access this ebook. Throughout the ebook there are hyperlinks to useful sites.

In my review version, these hyperlinks are not instantaneous: you cannot jump directly to them.

This is a practical guide for searching, finding, evaluating and winning the mate of your dreams.

It starts with introductory material that is meant to make you comfortable using the Internet in your quest for a desirable mate.

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