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The second thing I noticed when I was doing a little research on the topic is that the word "romance" never appears in the Bible. I did a keyword search for, get this- six different translations of the Bible, and the word romance does not appear in a single one of them. Now, I hope by this point, you are stroking your beards (unless you're a girl, in which case, please go shave if you are, in fact, stroking your beard), because by today's standards, romance seems to be a pretty integral part of love, dating, and marriage, right? Well, maybe a little, but it seems that there is a common denominator in both of those things: They. I'm simply saying that God never had anything to say about romance, so I wonder if that meant he designed love between a man and a woman to be more than just flowers and chocolates?

We’ll be talking as a group and in individual streams about how to thrive, lead positively, and learn from each other.

Taking part in the conversation are: Sara Hyde who currently works with Working Chance, helping women with criminal records into employment, and writes and speaks on women and the criminal justice system.

My name is Claire, and I consider myself an expert at unsuccessful relationships.

Chances are, you've had one or two of those, and they can be discouraging.

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