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All the individuals are different and so are their needs and desires.

We at Diamond UK understand and appreciate this fact.

We always strive to take the greatest care when providing for the needs of all our clientele.

The company was also ranked high for their unique 360 degree picture technology.

This diamond is also a part of the Royal Scepter that contains the other crown jewels.

(Photo © Debeers Group) One of the most notorious diamonds is ‘The Hope Diamond’. He tapered it down from 112 carats to 67 carats in order to increase its brilliance.

In the year 1830, Henry Philip Hope bought it in London, after the diamond was stolen during the revolution in France. Edward Mc Lean bought the diamond and eventually lost her only child, her money, her family that eventually led to her suicide.

It was named after its new owner and called the ‘The Blue Hope’ or the ‘Hope Diamond’. A diamond merchant based in New York, Harry Winston displayed the stone in his store in the year 1949 and had no buyers for the remarkable diamond.

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