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But it was clear that CBS News was set on bemoaning what it saw as yet another outrage against the culture.The central complaint, per Katie Couric’s intro to the report, was that more people had watched American Idol the previous week than watched the State of the Union address on all the broadcast networks combined.

It is ABC’s reality show , my appetite for humans going on national television to make fools of themselves has yet to be sated.I think it’s top-notch entertainment, and I will straight up hip-check my politics out of the way, and give up many hours of my life, in the name of being entertained. On January 5th, 7.7 million people tuned in to watch the first episode of the show’s 19th season — a premiere spun out from its usual two hours into an improbable three by what was billed as a red carpet event, but came off more like a parking lot tailgate for a convention of pharmaceutical reps.Alumni from past seasons (of the original show plus it’s twin, is an unscripted television show in which a group of women some 25 strong compete for the love and matrimony of a single man. Because in reality-TV-time, is practically archaic, its format having gone almost untouched for 18 seasons over 13 years. In fact, the show’s popularity has been rising for the last several years, particularly among the coveted 18 to 34-year-old bracket and high-income households.Just as the thrum of spectators in a Roman amphitheatre must have once climbed a steady crescendo in anticipation of a beloved gladiator; as the noise in the groundlings pit of Shakespeare’s Globe must have risen in advance of the actors taking their places; or as the hordes who thronged New York’s docks begged sailors unloading the latest instalment of Charles Dickens’s novels for spoilers so does a certain corner of Twitter come alive on Monday evenings.Every week, as 8pm Eastern Time approaches, up to 10 million women across the United States are gearing up with their best friends and Twitter followers to partake of a cultural ritual so ingrained that it has three spinoffs, countless international versions, and a seasonal spoof on .

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  1. Cannes (France) (AFP) - The dating show boom that has swept the world's television screens since the success of "Married at First Sight" may be coming to an end, experts predict. Producers are falling over themselves to make new shows about warring couples where everything has gone wrong.