Infertile women dating

The book is available now in paperback and as a Kindle e-book.

Here on this blog, let's talk about what it's really like.

Despite being together for four years, you two apparently aren't engaged, even though you've discussed having children, so you've left it ambiguous just what your articulated intentions were to your girlfriend.

You've both just received devastating news, and the blow is infinitely heavier for her.

If their sexual union does not result in children, they’re still married.

In a society where parenting is expected, some of us do not have children because our partners are unable or unwilling to make babies.

That's what this blog and my book, Childless by Marriage, are about.

I’ll never hear the words “He looks just like his dad! ” like he will, and I fear constantly that the growing animosity I feel toward him might tear our decade-long friendship to tatters. Gaining knowledge about ourselves is a good thing but it often hurts. But attaching ourselves to an idea of future happiness leaves us vulnerable to conditions far outside our ability to control.

I know that many women suffer from infertility — I’ve even spoken intimately with a few — but it seems as though they have it a whole lot easier in their love lives than I ever have. It hurts because it hurts to sever our attachments, even to things that are wrong. Also it takes us out of the immediate moment, which is the only moment in which any happiness can be experienced.

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Some folks are using the same arguments in their debate about gay marriage.

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