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Again, the perspectives will differ depending on whom it is being addressed to.While sitting amongst a group of friends, a guy/girl may insist that love can happen many times, but when wooing a prospective girlfriend/boyfriend, they might claim that they’ve found that one “special someone” that they have and will ever love.Concentrate on connecting and relating to people, sure this seems like you may be looking for love, but it's not. Value your independence; it is one of the best parts of life. Finding someone is a sheer game of chance, averages and timing.Many people settle with someone out of the fear of being alone, social pressure or financial stability. The key is to be yourself, love yourself and love the people you surround yourself with.You can't go out looking for love, it has to come and find you.

When you go looking for love, you will not find it, when you slow down, relax and just be yourself, love will find you.Largely, the current crop of youth feels that getting hooked-up with someone, dating, hanging around, and eventually breaking up with that person isn’t a big deal.Love is being looked upon more in terms of the feasibility and pragmatism quotients rather than on a purely emotional note, and in such times, if things don’t work out, it is best to part ways, saving both the persons involved the misery and torture of carrying forward a burdensome relationship.There is no such thing as “one and only love”, while there are many who opine that there is no such thing as love at all!It is simply an overrated, exaggerated, ornamental term that has been used since centuries to denote simply a strong “infatuation” towards a person.

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In the end, he confesses to an audience that he was driving the car, and not his wife, as he previously maintained. Eloise, along with his wife's father (Martin Sheen), help Burke move past his wife's death.

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