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We have three simple words for you—free online dating.When you sign up to become a member of a free online dating website, you have the ability to look for singles from Switzerland without having to leave your country or home.The first part of the Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, by condom maker Durex, was released earlier this week.The online survey questioned more than 26,000 adults of all orientations in 26 countries about their sexual activities and experiences. Topping the list of those who had the most sex were the Greeks at 164.As a member of a dating site in Switzerland, you can search for singles in a specific city or region and still fine tune that search so you can meet someone who closely resembles the perfect person for you.

As the study authors write, a country is happiest when its people engage in "the sometimes risky but deeply rewarding giving relationships with others." So Mic probed into dating customs, marriage stats and sex lives of the land of chocolate, snow-topped mountains and cuckoo clocks to find out: What makes the Swiss tick?Switzerland's score of 123 meant it did better than neighbouring Latin lovers Italy (121), France (120)."This is one of the most surprising results," Miriam Abel, product manager at Durex Switzerland, told swissinfo."People have something in their mind when it comes to these countries and love."Swiss lovers were also ahead of other neighbours Germany (117), the United States (85) and Britain (92). At 19 minutes, the Swiss made love one minute longer than the world average.World champions in this respect were the Nigerians at 24 minutes, with the fun only lasting 13 minutes in India.However, despite all this good news, the Swiss were still found to be unhappy with their love lives, with only 42 per cent saying they were totally satisfied.

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