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The dancer confirmed their engagement in the September 2015 issue of Essence, which she covers It's clear that Misty's career won't be slowing down anytime soon, and she recently spoke candidly about how it was important for her to find a partner who would support her career and her ambition wholeheartedly.'I always said "no man is coming in and taking me away from ballet." And that was so important to me that the person I ended up with was going to support me in every way, because my career is so important to me.'He taught me to communicate in ways I'd never learned before, to not run away from problems, and sit down and think about things critically,' she told Elle of Olu last year.

Being a military teacher you meet children from every corner. I understand where this little girl is coming from my husband left me and my 3 girls at such a young age it breaks my heart that some men will leave their beautiful babies but now I have a better man that took on the responsibility of helping me when their own father chose not to so cudos to all you good daddies out there. Liked him from first time I saw him on soap opera Guiding light playing a record promoter with actress Tammy Blanchard.

That is the reason that he also run a dance company with his former wife.

After this divorce with Scott Leo Dings is the real name of Taye Diggs, he is the son of Marcia and Young Andre.

after he did an interview telling The Grio he doesn't want his son to disrespect his mother, Idina Menzel's heritage by identifying himself as just black.

he not only stands his ground, he addresses this -- what if his son wants to identify as white??!!

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Taye Diggs is accused of turning a G-rated session with a “professional snuggler” into a twisted peep show! This guy was my end all of a celebrity crush.” To her surprise, Diggs urged her to try the psychedelic drug MDMA. “He asked to see my breasts, so I removed my bra,” she said. Snuggle sleepovers cost $320 but Van Arsdale said she didn’t charge Diggs and was furious when she learned he’s been dating model Amanza Smith Brown.

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