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His celebrity gained him entry into the movie industry and he became an advisor to the movie industry on the use of firearms.

He trained actors such as Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt for acting roles involving the use of pistols.

As a teenager Reed competed in Jeff Cooper's Big Bear "Leatherslaps" shooting competitions at Big Bear Lake, California.

The Leatherslaps became the "South Western Combat Pistol League" or "SWCPL".

Browning lived and where the genius of all of his greatest firearms inventions began.

Let’s spend a few minutes exploring the rich history of the original Model 1911 .45 Automatic, and discovering how the world’s greatest handgun came to be.

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After the SWCPL matches, Reed went on to compete in fast draw competitions in which he achieved fame.

In February 2005 Buz Mills asked me to oversee operations when Bob Young left.

I miss the teaching, but coordinating all the programs is a rewarding job.

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Interestingly, Anderson and Alfonso both started in the Hollywood leather business working in Arvo's holster shop.

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