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Some theme designers have gone as far as to create plugins to do the work (Elegant Themes with their plugin Layout Builder).So the goal of this review, was to evaluate several of these themes to see which offers the right mix of ease of use with creative expression.Some scenarios such as a lookup table representing states in the USA, could easily work with either View Models or a View Bag/View Data object, so there is some potential overlap at times.It’s up to the application architects and developers to decide what works best with their exact use case.Now with over 40 writers on her team, we will work directly with you to make sure your unique profile is optimized so that you can impress your network and achieve your goals.Stand out from the crowd with a Linked In profile that positions you as an expert in your industry and markets you as someone who deserves to be noticed!

So I didn’t have to face that issue in my own ability to test them.

This means the responsibility, or concern, of the view is to render that single View Model object, aiding in a cleaner separation of concerns (So C).

Concerns are distinct aspects of the application that have a particular purpose (i.e., concern), and keeping these aspects apart means your application is more organized, and the code more focused.

NET MVC, as you’ll see references to View Models throughout the web in articles and blog posts about the MVC, MVP, and MVVM patterns. NET MVC, View Models allow you to shape multiple entities from one or more data models or sources into a single object, optimized for consumption and rendering by the view.

Those posts and articles can center around any number of technologies such as ASP. This post will investigate View Models as they apply to the world of ASP. The below image illustrates the concept of a View Model: The purpose of a View Model is for the view to have a single object to render, alleviating the need for UI logic code in the view that would otherwise be necessary.

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Putting data manipulation code in its own location away from the view and controller, enforces So C.

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