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In an unusual feat for an ingenue, the Brooklyn-born Somerville took one of her first bows as a lead -- with a starring role...Network: CBS Episodes: Ongoing (hour) Seasons: Ongoing TV show dates: September 30, 2015 — present Series status: Has not been cancelled Performers include: Marcia Gay Harden, Raza Jaffrey, Bonnie Somerville, Melanie Chandra, William Allen Young, Harry Ford, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Luis Guzman.For Jaffrey's part, this is the second time he's been dropped from a sophomore drama.Fair-haired, blue-eyed American actress Bonnie Somerville seemed tailor-made for on-camera work, and fell into her niche as supporting actress, beginning in her mid-twenties -- typically in the casts of Hollywood A-list features and hit television programs.

Two episodes later, Ross sneaks over to Mona's apartment to retrieve his favorite salmon shirt when she returns with another boyfriend.

season 2, the show’s creator and executive producer, Michael Seitzman had to find a way to make the show more palatable to that elusive 18-49 demographic that network shows love to chase. Especially when you see the characters that have been promoted to show regulars.

Jillian Murray will be returning full-time as surgical resident Heather Pinkley.

A few instances of this was when he was willing to adopt a cat with Julie, and proposed to Emily after dating for only two months.

In contrast, Ross had met Mona in May during Monica and Chandler's wedding and in "The One With Ross's Step Forward", which takes place in December, he was trying to dissuade her from sending out holiday cards.

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She also got resident Angus Leighton (Harry Ford) hooked on the stuff.

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