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Taxes » Tax Filing »Monkey Business Images/Tax preparation software is preventing more taxpayers from making mistakes on their annual tax returns.

Still, just one slip in entering information on your computer could end up costing you -- in the form of a larger tax bill or a smaller refund.

Mistakes in arithmetic or in transferring figures from one schedule to another will get you an immediate correction notice.

Math mistakes also can reduce your tax refund or result in you owing more than you thought.

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Once you have found a job that matches what you are looking for, you can reach out to the person and let them know why you think you're perfect for the job.As you review your tax return for filing by the April 18 deadline, make sure you haven't made any of them.The most common error on tax returns, year after year, is bad math. For more ideas about strengthening your own profile, check out our article about getting better responses on, and be sure to keep your profile up to date. A strong profile has a very detailed description of your experience, skill, and hobbies to help families or individuals decide if you are a match for them.

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