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I updated to 0.10.10 today, hoping to try out the new Java Script support with Salsa.Unfortunately, my Intellisense has stopped working. I am using type definition files from definitely typed (e.g. For example, using 0.10.8: var exp = require("express"); exp.That is assuming you do not have code that is breaking it [wink] I'll try deleting the . Its kind of funny because intellisense will update everything but one struct I have.I thought somewhere between a full rebuild and closing down the IDE would help but it didn't.I installed the Re Sharper evaluation version and uninstalled it. YMMV, but at least it should reset a lot of the VS resources to their "fresh" state.Afterwards Visual Studio's Intellisense stopped working. I have restarted computer but I still have this problem.

Although compiling is still the #1 programmer excuse for slacking off, you still probably don’t want to spend more time on it than you absolutely have to.

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Use Windows Service instead of a standard application when you have to monitor or administer something in the background.

I have a similar problem with Javascript after updating to 0.10.10.

After update it completely stopped working, forcing Intellisense to show up with ctrl space shows "Loading..." tooltip which hangs forever. ] crashed 5 times in 5 minutes" (are those crash reports logged somewhere so I could share them?

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